About Us

Our vision is healthy communities free of tuberculosis.

Our Mission

The TB Elimination Alliance is a national partnership of community leaders dedicated to eliminating TB and LTBI inequities among Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander populations through education, raising awareness, and innovation.

The goals of the
TB Elimination Alliance are to

Conduct outreach to underserved AA and NH/PI communities with the highest TB burden

Increase awareness and understanding of culturally and linguistically appropriate LTBI/TB testing and treatment strategies

Share resources and best practices among providers

Develop partnerships to scale existing initiatives

*TB Elimination Alliance is an initiative led by the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum, Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations, the Hepatitis B Foundation, and Stop TB USA. This initiative is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Strategic Plan Pillars

Collaboration & Partnerships

Community Engagement

Access to Testing & Treatment

Provider Education

Research & Data

Funding Partner

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)